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Translation Service

Sophia’s main office is located in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Consequently, your translation project will be handled by one or more skilled translators residing in the U.S. or another English-speaking country. This ensures the highest quality and consistency for each and every project we undertake.

In-House Staff Members

Los Angeles is home to talented bilinguals who are not only proficient in both Japanese and English but have additional skills as well. This versatility is fully reflected in our translation staff. They are adept in both Japanese and English, and every project benefits from a singular dedication to accuracy. Given their years of exposure to an environment in which English is the primary language, our staff members can translate documents from the Japanese using the natural flow of English expression. Each sentence of every page will have all the content of the original version, along with the rhythm and nuance that characterize the English language.

Outside Staff Members

We also have a network of home-based translators with expert knowledge in various industries, and they’re a valued part of our quality-assurance effort. Of further benefit is the fact that nearly all of whom live in English-speaking countries or in Japan after having lived in an English environment for many years.

To produce translations that are easily understandable to native speakers of English, we employ the services of translation staff members who demonstrate skill in all aspects of the language.

Native Check

Native checkers are important—particularly in Japanese-to-English translation—as the means to ensure the finished translation meets our high standard of quality. After all, more is required in order to write English well than simply the ability to speak English. Sophia selects native checkers at the rate of just one per 100 to 200 native applicants, based on a strict test procedure.

Consistent Checking/Editing System

The translation flow at Sophia is designed to ensure quality and efficiency all the way through. When a project is received, first we select an appropriate translator or translators to do the basic translation. Next, checkers examine the translation for omissions and simple errors. Finally, senior translators, who are called reviewers, check the final translation to ensure the quality and consistency of writing style. Unlike other translation firms that depend only on a network of translators working remotely, we spend sufficient time in-house to process and complete each project. This is because at Sophia the basic translation is only the starting point.

Project Flow

Technical Translation

Technical documents are translated by skilled technical translators living in English-speaking countries, which means that subtle nuances particular to the local environment are incorporated into the text. Instead of direct translation, you can expect a fluid, naturalistic translation in which the translator has understood the gist of the text and paraphrased it in English.

Professionalism and Understanding of New Technologies/Terms

Technical translation covers wide-ranging fields from operation manuals for machines/systems to specifications, test reports and standards. The technologies and terms used in these documents change almost daily. Therefore, at Sophia the project teams are assembled by staff people who not only have knowledge in each field but also possess a great degree of professionalism and are constantly working to learn and expand their knowledge. The day-to-day efforts of our staff ensure the high quality of translations we provide.

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Document Layout/Creation of Manuals

Industries of all descriptions, in manufacturing and service, employ manuals and brochures not only to communicate with employees and stakeholders but also to obtain business opportunities overseas. Sophia has great expertise in the translation and production of these documents. We can help you create the most effective pieces—with proper layout and accurate specifications—to that your manuals, brochures and documentation can start building business in your target market.

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Translation Support Tools

We at Sophia use various tools that maximize efficiency while enhancing the consistency of translated text.

Case Histories

In addition to full-time in-house translators, Sophia also has approximately 1,200 outside translators who register with us as contractors. We select from these individuals in order to meet the translation requirements of clients in various industries. The outside translators work collaboratively with our staff translators and project managers, thus providing the greatest possible consistency.