Translation Service

Translation Tools

Translation memory is used for the creation of more consistent documents.

SDL Trados Studio

SDL Trados Studio is a translation support tool allowing the translator to extract and use appropriate words and phrases from a database of text used in documents of a similar nature.

Trados Studio can be of considerable benefit when translating a revision of a product manual or a series of documents in which the text bears great similarity to an earlier version or related document.

There is no need to manually compare the translation text with examples from the reference materials provided. Instead, Trados Studio automatically determines whether a given sentence is a “complete” or a “partial”match.”For partially matching sentences, similar phrases are extracted from the database for quick-and-easy editing. The result is a document that is consistent with the reference document in terms of both style and terminology.

Note: Whether or not the use of Trados Studio is warranted must be determined from the nature and volume of the document. Since it is rather expensive to create and maintain a database of translated text, the client is advised to compare the cost and benefits of this approach.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in using Trados Studio. We can look closely at your situation and the demands of your project, and then submit an estimate for the level of service that suits your needs. And as always, there is no charge for estimates at Sophia Enterprises.