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Project Workflow

Sophia Project Workflow
Translation Order / Document Receipt
The original document is received via e-mail, FTP, courier, etc.
We first select the most suitable translator specializing in the relevant field.
This person will then translate the document by referring to the glossary,
procedures and other reference materials supplied by the client.
A bilingual checker checks the translation for omissions,
typographical errors, misspellings, etc.
A separate translator reads the translation in order to correct
any possible inaccuracy of translation.
An editor corrects grammatical mistakes and refines expressions that might otherwise be
Editing I Rewriting (optional)
The editor, during the course of proofreading,
can rewrite the text using natural English/Japanese phrases yet
keeping the original meaning intact.
(This is recommended for websites and documents intended for mass distribution.)
DTP (optional)
Our DTP staff adds illustrations, photographs, graphs and charts
to the translated text ,and creates a table of contents.
The finished translation is submitted to the client via e-mail, FTP, courier, etc.