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Case Histories
Business Legal
Articles of incorporation Sales agreements
Bylaw License agreements
Office regulations Partnership agreements
Internal control documents Lease agreements
Strategic plans Master transaction agreements
Policy statements Litigation documents
Corporate brochures Affidavits
Company histories
Accounting & Finance Medical & Pharmaceutical
Annual reports Operation manuals for medical devices
Flash financial reports Healthcare systems
Annual shareholders’ meeting notices Clinical test reports
Insurance policies Implant presentations
Internal audit documents Basic research documents
Stock market research reports
Accounting & Finance Machinery & Electrical
Test reports Operation manuals for precision machines
Design guidelines Operation manuals for machine tools
Component specifications Operation manuals for injection molding machines
Component design modifications Nano-technology
ECU specifications Operation manuals for printing presses
EPA documents Traffic control systems
FMEA tables Operation manuals for measuring equipment
FTA analyses Operation manuals for semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses
CARB documents Maintenance manuals
CAFE standards Installation manuals
Process quality control sheets
NHTSA test procedures
IT Patent
Software Patent specifications
Hardware Specifications for foreign application
Telecommunications Certificates of priority rights
Encryption systems Examination documents
Satellite communications Application documents
Mobile phone systems Notice of reasons for rejection
Security systems