Translation Service


Manuals vary significantly in content, depending on whether they’re intended to describe a large system, written for general consumers or submitted to a regulatory authority. At Sophia we begin by analyzing the role of each manual, whereupon we submit a proposal to the client based on the required standard and format. Thus we can eliminate wasted time and maximize cost-efficiency, as the translated manuals are submitted in various modes such as e-mail, FTP and remote access. We are committed to producing “practical” manuals that can be readily understood by local staff and customers, instead of simply replacing the words of one language to those of another. You can count on us to provide comprehensive services for every documentation need.

Sophia’s DTP Experts Make It Simple!

· Do you frequently revise your manuals and want to build a system that lets you make changes as they occur?
· Do you produce consumer products and need only a small number of brochures and manuals?
· Do you want to cut DTP costs because color printing isn’t required?
· Do you want to create manuals using software that gives you the ability to update them as desired?

Sophia’s know-how and experience—acquired through the translation and layout of hundreds of manuals—means we can offer the right approach to meet your needs.

Sending/Receiving Large Data Files

Sophia operates a powerful, high-speed server system with capacity sufficient to give each client a dedicated space for ready access from any browser. This means you can upload/download large files containing photographs and illustrations without worrying about the size limit. Our server is protected by SSL and VeriSign service, so you can be confident in the security of your information.

Cost-Saving Tip

Simple manuals can be produced using Microsoft Word and other common programs instead of professional DTP software, thereby cutting the DTP cost to approximately one-third. Consult us if you think this option will be appropriate for your manual.