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Conversation Is the Starting Point of Communication

Highly skilled interpreters are vital in order to ensure the smoothest possible business negotiations and technical meetings with overseas clients and partners. If the words exchanged aren’t interpreted accurately, misunderstandings can arise and result in serious problems. The quality of interpretation therefore depends largely on the skills of each interpreter because, unlike translators or researchers, interpreters can’t use dictionaries and computer tools.

The most important element of interpretation lies in the accurate understanding of the applicable industry and the degree of difficulty involved, for such understanding affects the selection of appropriate interpreter. For example, we rarely assign the same interpreter to a seminar on advanced technology as well as a meeting on legal matters. At Sophia, all interpreters are classified into three levels by industry groups to better meet the needs of our clients. We also offer rental portable simultaneous interpretation equipment, so please contact us if you’re interested.

Simultaneous Interpretation

The spoken words are interpreted roughly in real time, with a time delay of just two or three seconds between the speaker and the interpreter. Accordingly, simultaneous interpretation is ideal for meetings in which time-efficiency is the chief requirement.

Simultaneous interpretation also requires specialized equipment. For details, see the Equipment page.

Simultaneous interpretation is suitable for the following conditions:

· You want to hear the interpretation concurrently with the voice of the speaker

· There are many speakers

· Large-scale, international meetings and symposiums

· Quick proceedings are desired


Consecutive Interpretation  

The interpreter waits for the speaker to pause, and interprets those words with roughly the same time and phrasing used by the speaker. Consecutive interpretation is ideal for seminars and meetings that involve only one or two speakers who want to talk at their own pace. If the total length of time for the speaker to speak, for example, is an hour, then the time needed for consecutive interpretation will require an additional hour. Accordingly, it will take at least two hours for the event, so please set the schedule accordingly.


Sophia employs the services of qualified professional interpreters. Their experience with important events—including in-house meetings, business negotiations, seminars and workshops—means you can be confident in the precision and flow of your next meeting.


Consecutive interpretation is suitable for the following conditions:

· The program for the event has sufficient time and advance notice

· There are only a few speakers

· The meeting is small in scale

· The meeting is in-house


Interpreters may come in contact with highly sensitive information during the course of their assignments. Accordingly, Sophia requires that each interpreter sign a written oath of confidentiality, just as each of our translators does. Of course, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement with you beforehand. We have a template for non-disclosure agreement, so please contact us if you’re interested.


When Utilizing Our Interpretation Service

Provide us with as much materials and information as possible regarding the subject matter.

Essentially, your interpreter will represent the opinions of those who participate in the meeting or business negotiation. Therefore, a key to successful interpretation is for the interpreter to bring his/her knowledge level closer to what the participants have in terms of technical vocabulary, purpose, key points, background, history and the positions of the participants, among other aspects. This ability distinguishes the interpreters of Sophia from those of less-experienced providers.


The documents and materials you provide need not be current or comprehensive, since any relevant information can help your interpreter prepare for the event. We can return the materials to you or destroy them according to your request.