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Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

Sophia Enterprises, Inc. may obtain personal information from its customers and staff relating to translation/interpretation and other services. Recognizing our social responsibility as a corporation, we have established the following policy to protect your personal information in our possession. All our employees and related staff carry out their duties by fully understanding and observing this policy.

Our Policy to Protect Personal Information

We ask you to provide personal information only after informing you of the purpose of use and limiting the scope of information to what is necessary in performing the applicable service. Unless you have given us prior consent, we will not provide or disclose your personal information to any third parties other than our staff. We will abide by the laws that related to the handling of personal information, and implement appropriate protection/security measures to prevent illegal access, falsification or divulgence so that we can manage your personal information in a secure manner.


Nobuhiro Maeda, President

Sophia Enterprises, Inc.